Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I've been thinking of things to do with the blog as I think just rattling on about songs I love could get a little tiresome for a lot of people so I want to try out a few things. I love photography and from my general hanging around (read: schmoozing) of the Dublin club scene I've been lucky enough to shoot a few amazing nights around my adopted town.

So here are a few photos and videos from a great night out last September at Nightflight in the Button Factory in Temple Bar.

This cheerful chap is Todd Olsen, he is better known as Todd Terje and is from Oslo. He is very much at the forefront of the Scandinavian nu-disco scene along side Lindstrom and Prins Thomas.

Here is one of Todd's amazing remixes of Shit Robots (Dubliner Marcus Lambkin) tracks Simple Things;

Shit Robot - Simple Things (Work it out) (Todd Terje remix) (That's some sick shit right there.)

Here is a few more photos I took from the night;

Todd was also kind enough to do an interview with us before he went on stage. Here he is being bombarded with (some-what) intelligent disco questions by Paul Fogarty (Pablo) who is one of the brilliant Night-Flight Dj's

Apologies for door squeaks and me giggling like a girl during most of the videos....

I'll be putting up a few more interviews and photos from nights out over the next few weeks so keep an eye out for them.

Atlas Sound - Walkabout (Feat. Noah Lennox)
Summer music is pretty tough to get right, but one band who pretty much hit dead on target is Animal Collective. When I heard "Merriweather Post Pavilion" while sitting on a very cold bus in January of this year in Dublin I could almost feel the after-sun cream soothing my sunburnt shoulders in the upcoming summer. Well this little ditty from Atlas Sound features Noah Lennox from Animal Collective (and he just happens to be Panda Bear too, seriously where do these guys find the time....) and it's pretty special summer music. Atlas Sound have a new Album coming up in October (Summer 2010 soundtrack?) called Logos and it should be a stormer.

Death In Vegas - Aisha
Iggy Pop maybe selling insurance to us now (from a company who won't actually insure musicians!) but he is still 100% legend in my book (well ok, maybe 99.9998% Legend) and a combination of his Vocals and some Death in Vegas filth is too much for me to resist! As a matter of fact, this song contains one of my favorite moments in music, at around 3.02 there is a really short organ solo which just gets my blood boiling (in a good way) and is then followed with what I can old describe as "Organ Scratching." Amazing. Also, have you ever noticed how much Kasabian really want to be Death in Vegas?

INXS - Don't Change
Famous bands are famous for a reason. They make music *lots* of people want to listen to. I sometimes like to listen to a famous bands early stuff to see what they were like before they hit that sweet spot of credibility and popularity. Turns outs, INXS were a pretty decent post punk, new wave band. This is from their 1982 album "Shabooh Shabooh" and I personally think it inspired the track "Don't You" by simple minds from the Breakfast Club soundtrack. Great stuff.

Hot Chocolate - Cadillac (the revenge rework)
I first heard this track on the recent Trevor Jackson (Playgroup) mix he did at Studio B in New York and it's one of the best remixes I've heard in years. It still sounds like you listening to a track from 1976 but it's also a slamming nu-disco track that would fill a dance floor no problem. I defy you to get down when Errol Brown sings "Heaven's In The Back Seat Of My Cadillac."

Husker Du - Don't Want To Know If You Are Loney
Part of the recent US rock time-line went a little like this; Punk (Ramones, Clash) then there was big haired rock (Motley Crew, Whitesnake) then after that came Grunge which came to the forefront with bands such as Motherlove bone and Soundgarden. Way before grunge Husker Du started off as a straight up Punk band but after a few albums they developed their sound by adding in more melody to their tracks and slowing things down a little. In this 1986 song you can almost hear the start of grunge, amazing lyrics with an emphasis on nailing the melody but still keeping the punk sound and drums. People always talk about the pixies being the start of grunge and inspiring Nirvana, well that's bollox, this is three and a half minutes of proof. Oh, yeah, complete respect to the guy on the left with the mustache.

Project Jenny, Project Jan - Negative
This song is pretty much a guy talking about how dirty his girlfriend is and how he managed to loose the film of their escapades while walking about town in NYC. He also sings the parts of the song where a normal band would put a guitar. This blog almost writes itself.

The Egyptian lover - Freak-a-holic [12 inch long version]
I first heard this song on an Andrew Weatherall (one of my general music heros) mix and pretty much instantly fell in love with it. Then I looked for a photo of him for the blog and saw the masterpiece above and pretty much decided that he is the coolest Egyptian musician around. This is the much sort-after 12" version. Yeah.

jj - ecstasy
I don't really know how to describe this song, it has pretty cheesy lyrics and pretty heavily samples a crappy hip-pop (I just made that up, have you heard anyone else use that before?) song by Lil' Wanye but I still can't stop listening to it and I love it.

I really want to make it clear to people that I put songs up here for people to download so that they go out and either buy their album or see the band/artist live. So if you hear a track on here that you like, buy the album or check out to see if they are playing near you soon and buy a ticket.

Lots and lots of love,

Sean Burke