Sunday, November 1, 2009


All back up and running now so let's get stuck in.....

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Elliott Smith - Pitseleh
Trying to find a photo of Elliott Smith that isn't black and white is tough enough, but finding one with him smiling was more than I expected! It's hard to write about Elliott Smith without talking about depression, drugs and alcohol and of course his apparent suicide. So I'm not going to. Just listen to this wonderful piece of music.

Moloko - Pure Pleasure Seeker
Any track that has a baritone saxophone in it should automatically be cool.... but combine that with Roisin Murphys voice and well, it's game over. One of those tracks that when you hear it you don't know why you don't listen to it more.... (Nice Knickers)

David Gray - Tidal Wave
A lot of people dismiss David Gray as a second rate singer-songwriter, but he has writen some brilliant tracks and this one is from his early days and is one of my all time favorites. Go on, I know your thinking of skipping this track.... don't, trust me.

Black Meteoric Star - Dawn
If this photo doesn't make you want to download this 43mb, 18min monster of a track then the fact that he (Gavin Russoms) make's his own analog synths, either from parts of old one's or totally from scratch should convince you to give this a good listen. It's starts off with abrasive white noise then turns into this rolling track that just seems to entrace you for the full 18mins. I listened to this while driving the last day and at the end I could not really remember how I had gotten where I was..... amazing stuff. Give it the respect it deserves and play it loud.

Joy Division - Digital
I don't normally like putting up photos of just the lead singer of a band but I've loved this photo for ages so I'll make an exception this time (Or maybe I'll just get over myself!). "Digital" was never on either of the two Joy Division albums but was only found on a Factory Records EP called "Factory Sample" which was a double 7" release which now sell's for around 200/300 euros. The opening bass riff is just glorious in it's starkness and has that Martin Hannett production sound all over it. Dark but totally engrossing, I've been listening to this track pretty much every day for the last 2 weeks....

Derrick Morgan - Moon Hop
Jamacian born Morgan worked with all the big boy's of the time; Robert Marley, Jimmy Cliff and Desmond Dekker but he had a very distintive sound, more Ska than reggae with some dub riddems mixed in. He once had the top seven places in the Jamacian charts at the same time with seven different songs.......

I know this is a pretty random collection of tracks but each one is very special in it's own way so give them a chance!!

Give peas a chance,


P.S - I've spent ages going back over the blog getting all the links to work again for each song so if you missed one of the updates or were rude enough to skip a track then now's your chance!!

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